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Feb 21, Atp Emtp Manual Pdf - atp emtp rule book ebook free download. Tons of pdf manual for auto repair,.. Nov 26 . INTRODUCTION TO THE SOLUTION METHOD USED IN THE EMTP. 6. 2. . there has been an effort to obtain permission for BPA to publish all portions of the book that .. The same difference eSuation is obtained if the trapezoidal rule of. Atp Emtp Rule Book Download - - Download as PDF File . pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Atp Emtp Rule Book

atp_empt_rule_book atp emtp rule book,english version. This subroutine is described in the ATP Rule Book Chapter X. After converting the data, create the system in ATPDraw and enter the data. The initial source. ATP and EMTP are considered to be one of the most widely used software for for EMTP Theory-book and ATP-Rulebook, please refer to the FAQ(Rulebook).

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Looking for a more vices. Since such currents might be with low- or high-frequency content, and of low or high intensity, ferromagnetic shield behavior complete approach to modeling, the following phenomena were might be quite different due to hysteresis. The model is illustrated for a system, especially near the bonding points. However, in these works [6], [7] , propagation along the cable is ignored.

The ef- T several mathematical models have been developed for sim- ulating the dynamic behavior of ferromagnetic materials [1]. The Two of these are often used in studies on transients in elec- equivalent circuit approach with linear inductances is presented in [12] and [13].

Standard ATP- Jiles model [2]—[4]. EMTP cable models [14] can be used to simulate the transients Since the analysis of power and telecommunications net- in the phase conductors. A detailed EMTP cable model that sim- parameters of equivalent circuits.

In the case where ferromag- ulates transients along the sheath is described in [15]. However, netics are involved, as with transformer cores or cable sheaths, this model uses linear inductances and is applicable for sheaths the inductances are nonlinear and the magnetic permeability with weak magnetic properties.

Often, Recent experimental analysis has confirmed that ferromag- hysteresis must be taken into account, as the losses of the netic shields might have a large influence on the distribution of material or shielding properties can be significantly influenced the fault current between the substation grounding systems and by current frequency and magnitude. Such analysis requires cable shields at low frequencies [16].

A similar conclusion was knowledge of the magnetic field and fluxes in the material. This paper presents an attempt for more complete modeling Manuscript received October 28, ; revised August 20, Paper no.

The equivalent dy- M. Popov and L.

Atp Emtp Rule Book Download - diakakaconpue.pdf

Popov ieee. He is now with using the Jiles dynamic model [4]. The equivalent permeability the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Saints Cyril and Methodius University, is further used for inductances in an equivalent circuit of the Skopje , Macedonia e-mail: leonid. This enables an analysis of the propaga- V. The whole solution is implemented Digital Object Identifier The Jiles equation is solved simultaneously and for each finite element, a different perme- ability is updated into the PDEs.

This results in an equivalent black-box circuit that is interfaced into ATP and can also be used for more complicated cable models. An application example of the full model is also presented, in- Fig. Equivalent circuit of a cable sheath divided into J 0 1 layers for one cable segment. It should be noted that the dynamic Jiles model of hysteresis This equivalent circuit is well known [12], [13] and is exper- has been applied so far for frequencies up to about 10 kHz [21], imentally verified in [24].

In this paper, we introduce nonlinear which should be considered also as a limitation of this model. In 1 , is the dynamic permeability that in our case is nonlinear. What is left is the sheath. For this purpose, the cable of length is segmented in modeling of external impedance elements due to surrounding a number of longitudinal segments , each represented by an earth. For each longitudinal segment, uniform pa- rameters and current and voltage distributions are assumed.

Complete Equivalent Circuit of a Cable Sheath rule of thumb is that the length of such segments should be A model of a complete cable Fig. It is worth where each segment is represented by the equivalent circuit in noting that in the soil, might be much shorter than in the air Fig. The corresponding equivalent circuit of a cable [18]. For that purpose, each segment is divided in layers respectively [9] assuming uniform parameters in the layer.

Each layer and the mutual influences of the layers are represented with equivalent 3 circuit representations.

This step is repeated for each longitu- dinal segment for the total current in the segment depending on the propagation along the cable.

ATP list server

However, the external impedance follows from a dis- cretized approximation of the usual transmission-line solution In the above equations, is the outer diameter of the conductor of buried horizontal conductors [9]. However, future work might follow the solutions It is worth mentioning that although 3 — 5 are approximate, suggested in [22]. Time-Domain Fields in the Sheath skin effect in time domain. Here, mutual inductances between layers and resis- For simplicity, we consider a long thin tubular cable with tances are calculated according to [12] and [13] an outer sheath of ferromagnetic material and a single concen- tric central conductor as shown in Fig.

This configuration is 1 considered also for validation purposes to compare results with the model [6] Section VI. The details of the development in 2 this section are available elsewhere [6], [7]; here, only the basic steps of the solution are included for completeness. The total where is the outer diameter of the th layer of the sheath, sheath current is impressed uniformly along the cable.

Atp Emtp Rule Book Download - diakakaconpue.pdf

The is thickness of the layers, and is the length of the cable shielding effectiveness is estimated using the relation between segment, where is the length of the cable and the number of the current induced in the center of the conductor by the segments. POPOV et al. Complete equivalent circuit of a cable sheath considering continuous current flow in the earth.

The boundary conditions for and at the inner surface of the sheath can be combined by 6 and 7 into one equation with a boundary condition 9 The total shield current is related to the magnetic field intensity at the outer shield boundary as 10 It has to be pointed out that the central conductor is consid- Fig. Tubular ferromagnetic shield with a single concentric conductor.

By determining the field distribution Field components in the outer sheath and the separating di- in layers inside the sheath, it is possible to determine the induced electric satisfy [6], [7] current in the conductors in the sheath. For example, the current induced in the central conductor in Fig. It is necessary to determine the dynamic permeability in 8 in order to complete the solution for which we where the -, -, and -axis represent the cylindrical coordi- use the following model of ferromagnetic hysteresis.

The components of the B. Here, is given by if otherwise. Modified equivalent circuit for layers in one segment.

Numerical Solution For the integration of 8 , a finite-differencing scheme is used, and the rectangular grid of points is defined in the - plane. The derivatives in 8 and 9 are substituted by finite-difference ap- proximations. The backward differencing representation of the V. Each nonlinear inductance is repre- sented by a parallel connection of a current source type and 14 a variable resistance type , as shown in Fig.

The source is also a MODELS-controlled source, and in where , is the number of points between each time step, it is exported by a type element into ATP- and , and is the time increment. In this way, EMTP. In this way, the skin effect can be easily observed for recursive expressions can be derived that can be implemented different types of current excitations. This is important as it saves computation is defined by its amplitude and direction.

It should be pointed out time in ATP. Substituting 14 in 8 and 9 gives that each current source representing the nonlinear inductance is formed by two type sources; one with a negative value of the current , and the other with a positive value of the same current.

In this way, one can provide a current source between two nodes. The current sources take into account the history of the current in the inductive element from the preceding time step [14]. Long Coaxial Cable 15 To compare results from the model with previously published results, the described procedure is applied to a long thin coaxial The value of the dynamic permeability cable [6].

The parameters of the Jiles model for a very thin hys- teresis curve that are compatible with the saturable model in [6] 16 are summarized in Table I. The procedure of how to obtain the real data for a specific magnetic material is explained in [4]. Equation 15 consists from known hysteresis loops is presented in [20]. Cable data are of a set of nonlinear equations that are solved for every time shown in Table II. The number of layers on which the cross sec- step.

Normalized center conductor current for a damped sine wave of Fig. The driving current is taken to be a damped sinusoid with a that the current density in the inside layer and the electric field frequency of on the inside surface are small, and still good shielding is pro- 17 vided [10].

The conductor for kHz and a current amplitude of 1 kA for the specific current is computed by applying the driving current to the layers. The diminishing magnitude of the field for inner layers outer sheath of the cable of Fig.

Apostila ATP Alternative Transient Program

The computed conductor cur- is attributed to the good shielding performance of the sheath for rents for different amplitudes of the driving current are normal- this frequency and current amplitude.

This includes name, organizational affiliation, and geographical location.

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