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    Mitsubishi 4D56 engine displaces a L with a compression ratio. Mitsubishi L, Mitsubishi Delica (Van, Truck, SpaceGear), Mitsubishi Strada, Mitsubishi L, Mitsubishi Pajero, Mitsubishi Montero and Mitsubishi Shogun. The Mitsubishi 4D56 diesel engine service manual. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Page Page NOTES. Page Page Page View and Download Mitsubishi 4D56 user manual online. 4D56 Engine pdf manual download. Engine Mitsubishi 4D68 (E-W) Workshop Manual. (4 pages) .

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    4d56 Workshop Manual .pdf

    SERVICE SPECIFICATIONS. TORQUE SPECIFICATIONS. SEALANT. 2. 4D56 ENGINE - General Information. 11B GENERAL INFORMATION. Mitsubishi 4D56 Engine Service manual Download. Your ADS . http://www. leostovrefisis.ga 4D56/4M41Engine. OPERATION. June SERVICE MANUAL. DENSO .. Destination (Vol- ume). Line Off Period. MITSUBISHI. L 4D 4WD (AT). Europe.

    The Mitsubishi 4D56 diesel engine The history of the much famed power plant manufactured by Mitsubishi can be traced back to with the introduction of the 4G5 as a collaboration between Aston and Mitsubishi. However in , the 4 cylinder, belt driven overhead camp shaft diesel power-plant was introduced by Mitsubishi and is the much famed workhorse the "4D56". The production of this engine which began in 's is still continuing to this date with only minor variations while the most significant being the introduction of the common rail fuel injection system. Mitsubishi engines are known for its power and the longevity of the 4D56 is due to many reasons, cost effectiveness in maintaining, reliability, power and a fairly easy engine to maintain. In Sri Lanka, where we have our set of wheels, the 4D56 is a workhorse, known by any mechanic around the country. So the chances of getting into a fix is fairly remote since the mechanics have decades of experience in maintaining these engines. How come Mitsubishi is still manufacturing this engine without discontinuing it like the other manufactures. The answer is simple. If it serves the purpose and can keep upto any new engine why change. Yes, it delivers good power in comparison to any stock vehicle , cheap to maintain, reliable and if serviced properly with the fuel pump and injectors in good condition would provide a running economy of approx. However in the mid 90's Mitsubishi introduced a much powerful 4M4 engine which it fixed to its Pajero's, Montero's etc. Mitsubishi 4D56 engine Displacement - 2. After you click the Download NOW button, you can instantly download it. With it, you can save much money.


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