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Issuu is a digital publishing platform that makes it simple to publish magazines, catalogs, newspapers, books, and more online. Easily share. Vislumbre - Ebook written by Beth Kery. Depois de um encontro vibrante de paix?o, ela descobre o porque: Dylan deseja-a e Alice n?o consegue resistir as deliciosas vertigens Flowing text, Google Generated PDF Porque És Minha. NEW YORK TIMES and USA TODAY Bestselling Author Beth Kery pre Porque És Minha traz-nos a história de Francesca e Ian, que se con Este é capaz de.

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Porque Es Minha Beth Kery Pdf

I want to first say how much I love to read Beth Kery's books. .. O primeiro livro que li desta autora foi Porque és minha e lembro-me que fiquei desiludida com. Mutlaka Okuyun, pişman olmayacaksınız. My Books, Pdf Porque és Minha - Beth Kery Romances, Books To Read, Reading, Luxury,. RomancesBooks To. Porque Você É Minha Beth Kery. Beth Kery · Because You Are Mine covers Because you are mine - Tome 1: Laisse-moi te posséder de Beth Kery. Beth Kery.

Kajilmaran Francesca knows that to love the man she must accept the beast within. To me, this part takes off when Ian barges Seriously, I think Beth Kery has a contract out to kill me! I have to admit that I was intrigued by the format of the story. Descended from royalty, he dined with the rich and famous, required order in his life, and a felt the emptiness of being alone. I think, if I have time later, I will revisit the first 2 installments and see if I can get more into the story. Sep 02, J. I believe this first part has two or three chapters in it. Flowing text, Original pages. Bring on part 4…and quickly please! But he can sense in her a desire to open up, to experiment, to give herself to the fantasies of a man in control.

Nov 15, Rochelle Webb rated it it was amazing. I want to first say how much I love to read Beth Kery's books. This one was as good if not better then the first "Glimmer". Most of the time that doesn't happen. But Beth was able to make that happen. All I can say is great book and I hope to read more books from you. Dec 02, Karen rated it it was amazing. So long, but so good. Every single word had to be there. You know you're getting into an intricately woven and deep story with Beth Kery.

Not to mention off the charts heat. Loved this sequel. Oct 06, Lou rated it really liked it Shelves: Review originaly posted at link: The Bookpushers Lou: It was with super excitement when I downloaded Glow from Netgalley. Has and I adored Glimmer click here to read the review , which will probably feature on my best reads list of Glow is the sequel to Glimmer, where Alice finally learned the secrecy of her past and how she was kidnapped and lost all memories from the incident as a child.

Alice and Dylan are just as deeply attracted to one another as ever. Their romance and sexual attracti Review originaly posted at link: While I enjoyed Glow, I did have a problem with the book and that was the length. Holy moly the length was way too long. This book could have been odd pages and been a top A read for me. But instead it dragged on needlessly in so many scenes with lots of talk and not a lot of action, which disappointed me.

The romance is still great but the suspense was super slow. I was also excited to read the follow-up to Glimmer because I really enjoyed the book and it was one of the highlights I read this year. I have to agree with you that I was slightly disappointed with the sequel and that was due to the pacing, especially in the middle which kind of dragged.

However, the romance and tension between Alice and Dylan was sizzling and fraught with sexual chemistry and I think that helped to save the lag that I felt with the pace. Even though she finds herself facing a new identity and a powerful new role, I liked that Alice still struggled with the person that she is now.

I also loved how Dylan remained supportive and dedicated to keeping her safe and allowing her to come to terms to the truth of her past.

I think I said it in my previous review but Beth Kery totally had shades of Linda Howard early vibes in this duology, which I freaking adored. The darkly possessive hero in Dylan was perfect.

I also thought it eerie but also understandable why Alice thought of Addie as a different person to herself—a defense mechanism. Not only did Alice have to deal with her new identity, but she was also worried about her position in the camp and her future within the Durand company, even though she was the heir.

It made it more realistic.

I also thought the subplot with Thad and his feelings for Alice was a bit off and it kind of fizzled out when the other plot threads emerged.

However the real strength of the book was the romance between Dylan and Alice. The emotional and sexual elements of their relationship was fantastic and the love scenes were smoking hot which added to their chemistry. Yeah, the side-plot with Thad did sizzle out and while he turned out to be a big character towards the end, I think there was too much happening in Glow that became distracting.

The love scenes were amazeballs. I was a little mad at Dylan for being angry and frustrated with Alice in the end because the poor woman had gone through so much trauma that if she needed space, then dammit man, let her have the space she wanted. The ending was perfect for these two characters, and I loved the ending where Alice got to meet up with her kids again.

It really was a satisfying conclusion to a wonderful erotic romance. I give Glow a B Has: I also give Glow a B Nov 23, Sandy S rated it really liked it. GLOW should not be read as a stand alone as much of the storyline is dependent on the information revealed in book one-Glimmer. As Alice continues to work with Durand Enterprises mentor program at Camp Durand, she struggles with her growing love for a man who knows more about Alice than Alice knows herself.

Everything about her relationship with Dylan is based upon trust-a trust that is fragile in the face of the truth, and the demons from her past. Alice was brought into Camp Durand under mysterious circumstances in an effort to determine the truth about her past. Alice is a sexy, intelligent and independent heroine whose life has been thrown into utter chaos when Dylan reveals that Alice is not who she believes she is. All of the previous storyline characters return in secondary and supporting roles including the requisite evil whose relationship with Alice may be closer than anyone thinks.

There are moments of heartbreak and pain, romance and love; letting go and moving forward. Dylan is a man who has fallen for the woman he loved years before-in another life time before betrayal, fate and jealousy destroyed everything that he had.

GLOW is an erotic romance story of intrigue, mystery, and suspense. The twist and turns, revelations, and slow reveal of secrets will keep you reading until the very end. The premise is entertaining and imaginative; the characters are animated, delightful and intoxicating; the romance and happily ever after passionate, intense and beautiful.

Beth Kery will captivate your imagination, and steal your breath with the powerful revelations in GLOW. Copy supplied by the publisher through Netgalley www.

Nov 08, Rough Draft Book Blog rated it really liked it. So, this is the succeeding installment and conclusion in the Glimmer and Glow series.

It was just as gripping if not more so than the initial book. I'll admit I didn't want to throw my kindle across the room so much with this one, but I did acquire the white knuckle syndrome a time or two. This one keeps you on your toes and maintains a constant "who done it" feel.

Alice is still one of my favorites. If I had to be one character from this book, it would be Alice. She's still as strong as ever and her demeanor never waivers. She's faced with so much turmoil and chaos that most people would have folded by now, but not her.

Because You Are Mine (Because You Are Mine, #1) by Beth Kery

Alice seems to be on a mission to find out who she is, where she belongs, and who she can trust along the way. She never once felt weak or pathetic to me in fact quite the opposite.

This woman has charm, smarts, and a rockin' bod to boot. Love me some Alice Reed! Dylan, I guess lightened up a bit in this one.

He doesn't seem as mysterious and puzzling. He is however kind of a pain in the ass! At times I wish he would have revealed more than he does, but I guess that just made the story that much more interesting. He's still the CEO of Durand and he's still Alice's biggest advocate, but he still manages to piss me off a time or two.

Dylan has his suspicions as to who the "bad guy" is but can't quite fit all the puzzle pieces together, this in itself frustrated me to no end.

Lista Do Conteúdo - 13.000 Livros de 3.500 Autores

The supporting characters cast is the pretty much the same as the first book. I reviewed the first book telling you that I hated Thad and Brooke and if they changed their ways I'd recant my earlier statement, well I wouldn't say exactly that they miraculously turned into good peeps, but they seemed to "grow up" a bit and became more enjoyable characters to read about.

As for Sebastian, I let you figure him out on your own. I know I wanted to throw that fucker off a cliff! The storyline is very compelling.

It's gripped me from the very beginning. The dialogue flowed yet the pacing was a little sluggish.

I found myself skipping around at times just to read the conversations, but other than that, the tension and stress leading up the climax was pretty spot on. Dec 07, Krissys rated it really liked it Shelves: My Review: Glow really tied up the Glimmer Glow series for me and brought the characters and plot history that stalled out for me in the previous book and turned them around. There is a lot more to this book than I think a lot of people realize because you don't expect so much of the mystery depth to take over.

There are plenty of character history and emotional turmoil that come into play for this one around more than the previous book which resulted in more talk and less participation but I think that was because Kery was trying to tie up so many loose ends.

Beth (Hopeman) Dille: College Girl - Iadsnetwork.com

The result was an ending I wasn't quite expecting however I was happy with it as a whole in part to the series. Glow was a great read and should definitely be read with its previous installment. My Rating: Krissy's Bookshelf Reviews http: I absolutely hate to say this because I loved book one, but Glow did not work for me.

At all.


I had such high hopes because book one was so intense but Glow fizzled on all fronts. Glimmer book one had a lot of suspense, a bit of action and a ton of mystery.

The year brought both record heat in summer and the coldest winter. As a teenager, she had not been particularly aware of the war going on. By the time the US joined the war, Beth was in the middle of her senior year of high school.

On the Monday morning after the Pearl Harbor bombing, her entire band class, with music teacher Leif Christiansen, sat listening to President Roosevelt on the radio.

A couple of her male high school classmates left immediately to join the military. When the men got called up, they would report in at the Armory. After high school graduation, she looked for work and found it at a dime store in Fargo, where she clerked for 25 cents per hour for a couple of summers between academic years attending Concordia Collage.

Later, looking for better pay, she worked a summer at Manchester Biscuit at 42 cents per hour. It was warm work, and workers took salt pills to stay hydrated. One summer, she and her friends heard through the grapevine that there were wellpaying jobs in Spokane. They wanted adventure and they wanted to be away from their parents, so to work at MSU. Used merchandise would come in from the European front and had to be stored until it could be deployed to the troops in the Pacific.

The women lived in wooden dorms, two to a room, and took buses into town for entertainment. They ate out a lot, especially at hotels. Yes, it's the same premise as a lot of books out there right now Been there, done that I like the way Beth Kery writes, she has a really good mix of extremely hot sex and romance with a little bit of emotional angst thrown into the mix. Her characters are smart and real.

Ian is obviously a self made billionaire and Francesca is an artist, i loved the little twist of how she "discovered" him the first time without even knowing who he was until much later, The Cat Who Walked Alone.

I loved that he saw and accepted her for who and what she was and wasn't trying to make her into the perfect woman for him. Ian could sometimes be cold but not enough to make him unlikeable, he def.